Perfview Information

Performance monitoring with Perfview is achieved by using a mix of MeasureWareAgent (MWA) and Perfview.

The following daemons are run:

Perfomance tool processes



The daemons running can be checked with perfstat or, for just the measureware elements, mwa status

Perfview elements can be stopped and started using pvalarmd.start or pvalarmd.stop

The MeasureWare elements can be started and stopped using mwa start or mwa stop. Note: this doesn’t stop ttd daemon. To stop this enter ttd -k .

Executing pv under CDE/VUE will start the Perfview GUI.

Intial setup

  1. Enter pv

  2. select datasources > manage > add , then enter the hostname

  3. click hostname , various information options are displayed

  4. click on option and draw for graph

  5. can drill down for detailed information

To set up alarms, edit /opt/perf/datafiles/alarmdef. A sample can be found in /opt/perf/newconfig .