Adding a Logical Volume to a Service Guard Cluster

  1. Create the LV as normal on the active node. Ensure it is unmounted when complete

  2. Shutdown the package affected using cmhaltpkg packge_name

  3. vgexport -p -v -m /tmp/ /dev/vg_name > /tmp/vg_devs

  4. edit /tmp/vg_devs removing the first line

  5. Copy the map file and vg_devs to the second node

    On the second node:

  6. Note the minor number of the volume group affected

  7. Remove the volume group using vgexport -v /dev/vg_name

  8. mkdir /dev/vg_name and create group file with mknod using the minor number noted earlier.

  9. vgimport -v -m /tmp/ /dev/vg_name cat /tmp/vg_devs

  10. check VG as follows:

    1. vgchange -a e /dev/vg_name
    2. vgdisplay -v /dev/vg_name
    3. vgcfgbackup /dev/vg_name
    4. vgchange -a n /dev/vg_name
  11. If OK, edit package control script to add the new logical volume and copy to all nodes.