Solaris Jumpstart

Process Overview

  1. Create profile server

  2. Create rules file

  3. Create profile

  4. test profile

  5. validate rules to create rules.ok file


  1. create jumpstart directory on jumpstart server

  2. edit /etc/dfs/dfstab adding

    share -F nfs -o ro,anon=0 /jumpstart_dir

  3. enter: shareall

  4. cd /cdrom_path/Solaris_2.6/Misc

  5. cp -r jumpstart_sample/* /jumpstart_dir

  6. edit /etc/bootparams adding line

    • install_config=jumpstart_server:/jumpstart_dir
  7. create a rules file to point to the profile

  8. create a profile giving instructions on how to build (both of these can be modelled from example files)

  9. /usr/sbin/install.d/pfinstall -D -c /cdrom_path/s0 profile_name to check profile

  10. run /jumpstart_dir/check to validate rules


  11. cd /cdrom_path/Solaris_2.6/Tools


    copy cd on to disk using /cdrom_path/…/setup_install_server /directory the cd to the install directory

  12. ./add_install_client -e ethernet_address_of_install_server -c servername:/jumpstart_dir hostname model

    e.g. ./add_install_client -e 08:00:20:89:71:34 -c suns01:/jumpstart suns02 sun4u

    Note:The target host must be defined on /etc/hosts

  13. boot the install server from the OK prompt using: boot net - install