Performance Analysis with the SE Toolkit

The SE Toolkit is a programming language written by Rich Pettit for the purpose of running performance analysis on Solaris servers. The package comes with many prewritten examples perhaps the most useful of which is written using rules supplied by Sun performance guru, Adrian Cockcroft. provides a regularly updated GUI interface that displays the current status of every aspect of server performance you can think of, with a drill down capability to give detailed information. This is without doubt the best performance analysis tool I’ve used on Solaris. There’s plenty of other useful examples e.g. monitors that you can run in background that will write to log files.

To get the SE Toolkit installed and working , do the following:

  1. Download the SE Toolkit from

  2. gunzip RICHPse.tar.gz; tar xvf RICHPse.tar

  3. pkgadd -d . RICHPse

  4. The package install under /opt/RICHPse so to run the scipts set the following variables:

    export PATH=$PATH:/opt/RICHPse/bin export SEPATH=/opt/RICHPse/examples:/opt/RICHPse/toptool

  5. Now, to run , set the DISPLAY variable and execute se