Terminal Reset Problems

Often, disconnecting a terminal from a Sun server will cause the server to interpret the RS232 voltage change as a BREAK sequence, causing the server to go to the “OK” prompt. This bug is reported to be fixed with Solaris 8 but for Solaris 2.6 and 7 some patches must be applied (105924 and 107589).

For servers running versions of Solaris older than 2.6 there are no patches. However, the following can be tried:

It should be noted that this disables the stop-A key sequence from sending a BREAK

If you want to make this a permanent change, edit /etc/default/kbd adding the line KEYBOARD_ABORT=disable .

The same problem can occur with terminal servers. If they are switched off or loose power, all the servers attached can go to the “OK” prompt! The answer to this is to ensure your terminal server doesn’t exhibit this behaviour. Most modern terminal servers, for example the Cyclades TS2000, has the circuitry designed to prevent this from happening.