Solaris webstart

Solaris webstart is an alternative method of building solaris using a web browser, available from 2.6 onwards. It’s enhanced features include user friendly configuration screens and allowing software packages from sources, other than the build cdrom, to be specified. It can only be used for installs, NOT upgrades.

There are three webstart options available:

  1. boot from cd and use local term in GUI

  2. use remote system with GUI

  3. boot across the net (similiar to jumpstart)

To install:

  1. boot cdrom - browser (or boot net - browser)

  2. reply to system identification prompts as per normal

  3. If no local GUI available, the install asks if you would like to install from another machine. Choose this option.

  4. Prompted for a password, enter any password

  5. From a workstation, start a web browser with java capabilities (e.g. Netscape Communicator 4) and point it to http://ip_address_of_server/start.html (where ip_address_of_server is the address of the server being built)

  6. select start installation button

  7. Answer the questions, slect software and configure filesystems as required